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This is the Way the Restaurant begins...

Updated: Apr 5

Aftermath will eventually be many things, but to start off, it's an instagram feed.

Welcome to Aftermath! It's a restaurant with only one table that sits in an imaginary twilight between the end of the world and a Tuesday. Where every meal is made of nostalgia and whatever we could scavenge from 7-11 while barely escaping the zombie hordes.

We're in the early design stage, but it appears that we're going eclectic. Repurposed. Reused. Recycled. Call it "Mid-Century Apocalypse." We want you to feel like this is the table in Nona's bomb shelter, back when the only nukes you feared were Russian.

Having a crummy economic collapse? The food is cheap and filling! Not sure about the vampire overlords? We'll up your iron levels! Aliens round up your family for pets or meat? Our food will fill that hole in your soul!

It's only 100 seconds to midnight. Rapture. Coronavirus. Global warming. Robot uprising. You may not get to choose the form of the destructor, but we're here to see that you get some say on lunch.

Aftermath: "We may not be your last meal... but well, we probably will."

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