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BIG EATS on an END OF THE WORLD budget: Where to eat when currency has no value

Updated: Apr 5

Opening next week is the long-awaited post-apocalyptic restaurant from the opening team behind the short-lived but well-regarded restaurant "parva laminas," which once resided in Boston's South End.

Their new location is still a bit of a mystery, given that most of the city's power is out, and millions have died in a cascade of unfortunate events that will eventually eliminate all of humanity from the face of the planet.

The chef and staff are also a bit of a mystery seeing as most humans are no longer identifiable due to their physical deformities and the fact that nearly all DNA has been degraded and destroyed thanks to radiation's deleterious effects.

Regardless, this foodie is excited to see what these talented industry professionals can do with the world's remaining silverware, some half-melted enamel plates, and food scavenged from the smoldering remains of the South Bay Target.


perfect restaurant dining table.
There are no longer any restaurants that look like this.

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